DPR Construction Testimonial

  I just wanted to let you guys know how great Land Mark Electric has been for us on Otis College. They are hands down our best sub and have exceeded all expectations in the field and in their office. The senior electrical inspector with LADBS, who is a friend of our foreman Ben Gonzalez, just came to the site to sign off a critical location in the building and provided an unsolicited monologue about how much he and all the other LADBS inspectors enjoy working with Land Mark. He stated that they are the best shop they work with and have so much faith in what they do and how they run their projects that he feels like they don’t need to come out and inspect their work. LME works with a great deal of integrity and have provided so much value to DPR and Otis. I really hope we are looking at them for all of our LA jobs. I’ll provide additional feedback when the job is complete. Feel free to forward this along to anyone else in the precon group.   dpr-logo