Keith Muller from Rapt Studio Testimonial

Fred and the Land Mark Team,

First, the space looks fantastic. The infrastructure is tight and the lights turned on! We’ve never worked so closely with a sub-contractor while still respecting the management protocol of Architect to General Contractor to Sub-Contractor. You all are the field experts and we appreciate every opportunity to exchange ideas and gain from your wisdom and experience. It makes our workflow better, our detailing more thoughtful, and the end product successful for all. It’s fruitful for us when we can have candid conversations with the field teams - engage in collective problem solving - without violating your responsibility of means and methods and our responsibility to stay out of the way. Of course, all the basic techniques we look for were provided by your team with ease; tight grouping, equidistant bending of conduit, no-cross over, etcetera. Furthermore, your top team always came prepared to coordination meetings with a precise agenda in mind. Your professionalism and candor moved things along swiftly. We witnessed a mutual respect shared among your whole team, whether apprentice or journeyman and the same goes for the other trades you all had to work with. It’s humbling and admirable. Cheers Fred! Good times and looking forward to working with Landmark in the future.

Keith Muller, AIA

Rapt Studio
310 202 9603