Hotel Figueroa

Hotel Figueroa

Category: Hospitality

Architect: Rockefeller Partners Architects

General Contractor: Shangri-La Construction

Electrical Engineer: AMA Consulting Engineers


Hotel Figueroa Built in 1926 as a YWCA, the Hotel Figueroa weathered decades of change, including an era as an exotic Moorish/Moroccan-themed hotel for tour groups. Land Mark Electric worked with architects and designers to bring the two-year, to-the-rafters renovation to reality. The project included a new electrical service, backup generator and emergency distribution. The architects incorporated historical lighting and finishes complemented by energy efficient LED lighting and energy management controls. The Hotel features multiple bars, restaurants, pool and amenity spaces all incorporating high end electrical finishes.



It isn't often that I feel compelled to write an email such as this, but feel in this case that it is absolutely necessary. This is my 10th hotel, and quite possibly the most challenging project I've ever overseen as an owner’s rep. The owners are intimately involved, as is the Hersha Group who will operate the hotel upon opening. James Richardson and Herb Dominguez have been running the LME portion of our hotel project from the get go. I've worked with countless subs over the span of my career and have never been more impressed. Herb is the best job site Forman that I've ever seen, and James is equally as good. They are consistent, ethical and knowledgeable. They follow through with anything and everything that is thrown at them. The crew that they have under them is efficient and calculated with every detail of their install.  Bar none - the very best that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Never again will I deviate from utilizing LME in future projects.  John, you should be very proud of your team. James and Herb are both irreplaceable. From myself, and ownership - thank you very much! We hope that you will cascade this message up and down the ranks, as it has been an absolute pleasure. We look forward to completing this project and look forward to working with LME on future projects to come.

Warmest Regards,


Director of Engineering