Otis College

Otis College

Category: Education

Architect: Enrlich Fisher

General Contractor: DPR Construction

Electrical Engineer: Glumac


2018 LA Architectural Education Winner

laaward_otis The Campus Improvement plan includes 96,200 SF of new building construction and 7,500SF of landscape design. The project consisted of the construction of a new 5,200SF shop on the campus' north side and a new 91,000SF building sited on the west side consisting of two wings identified as “residential” and “academic” which are joined by a 300-seat forum on the ground floor level.

The academic wing is four stories high, and includes the student union and student resource center on the ground floor with the upper floors consisting entirely of academic space that can be subdivided to create classrooms, studios, and labs.

The ground floor levels of both wings are enclosed with floor-to-ceiling glass storefront systems to help visually connect the spaces to the quad and to other buildings, and to create more transparency on campus. The residential suites and the upper levels of the academic wing are clad with the same exterior skin to create a sense of harmony and dialogue between buildings.