CMC Roberts Pavilion

CMC Roberts Pavilion

Category: Education

Architect: John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects, Inc.

General Contractor: PCL Construction


Located at Claremont McKenna College (about forty miles east of Downtown LA), this 132,000 sf Sports and Events Pavilion is equal parts Athletic Arena, Recreational Fitness Center, and Events Venue. At its heart sits a naturally-lit Arena with space for 2,000 spectators. Surrounding it are three floors (one below grade, two above) incorporating a recreation gym, fitness center, weight room, fitness studios, locker rooms, sports medicine facility, and headquarters for the Athletic Department.

In addition to serving the health and wellness needs of CMC, the Pavilion will provide a new center for social life on campus, a role encouraged by its dynamic and compact form, a "streetlike" circulation system with numerous nodes for gathering and chance-encounters, its exterior and interior transparency, and its generous use of natural light and other sustainability measures.

Photo Credit: © Benny Chan, Fotoworks